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Location and Facilities

Advanced Management Concepts maintains offices in a modern single-story building directly across from the Main Post Office near downtown Dayton, Ohio. Building facilities include a large private parking area, a large conference room (accommodating up to 25 people), mailing facilities and a full kitchen. The cost of doing business in Dayton is low relative to many other cities — Dayton was identified in a recent survey as one of the ten lowest cost large metropolitan areas — and there is quick, convenient access to a full range of needed products and services that are competitively priced.

Perhaps most important for our type business is the transportation advantage. Our location on the western edge of the Eastern Time Zone and a high level of air line service lets us travel to any U.S. city with plenty of time to conduct business after arrival. It's just as easy for you to reach us when the need arises.

After you arrive you'll be pleased to find Dayton is one of the less expensive business travel cities. However, you won't have to "rough it" during your visit, since you can stay at any of several highly-rated hotels and dine at nationally-known (and now, in at least one case, internationally known) restaurants in downtown Dayton and the suburban area.

Our facilities include data processing, word processing, and automated accounting systems; high quality copying equipment; an automated mailing system that keeps separate postage totals for each client; facsimile; an electronic telephone system; desktop publishing, and secure file and storage space for client materials.

The AMC information system is a server-driven local area network of Pentium computers. The AMC computer network has continuous Internet access and e-mail service through a T-1 line.