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How We Charge

Two decades of association management experience have
taught the people of AMC that fees and charges are often a source of misunderstanding and problems. Because of this AMC has elected to price its services on a turnkey or package basis.

Many association management companies charge a fixed management fee for professional services, but have additional charges for administrative services. In this case the time the executive director spends dictating a letter is incorporated in the management fee, but the time it takes to produce and mail the letter is billed separately at an hourly rate as "administrative time." This is a perfectly proper way to charge. In fact, it's the way most association management companies charge. AMC has used this system in the past. We have changed to a single fee that covers both professional and administrative activities so our client associations will know exactly how much their costs will be every month. You will regularly receive only two types of charges from AMC. There will be a monthly billing for 1/12 of the contracted management fee. There will also be a billing for pass through administrative expenses, which will be included in the approved annual budget.

The Management Fee covers:
Our rent, equipment, utilities, and general overhead, as well as the compensation of professional and administrative employees of AMC for all services covered in the management plan. The management fee is billed in advance.

Administrative Costs include:
Postage, copies, office supplies, telephone expenses, such miscellaneous expenses as may occasionally be necessary. Administrative expenses are billed the following month.

Special Services:
AMC is not a graphics house or typesetting service. We have desktop publishing and web page capability, but when we believe that for reasons of quality or scheduling graphic tasks should be done externally we will not hesitate to outsource such services. When we do produce graphics internally fair and reasonable charges that are reflective of rates generally prevailing in the Dayton area for such services will be billed.

Authorized activities not covered by the annual budget or activities plan will be billed separately. Such services include large data entry projects that cannot be completed in the normal course of business, or the addition of new activities that add significant time to the scheduled program. If new meetings, events, publications, or activities are contemplated. AMC will incorporate appropriate management fees as a distinct line item in the budget for the new activity.

Fee Structure:
Just as associations and societies are different, so are billing and fee needs. AMC will work with organizations to ensure a fee system is put into place that accommodates the needs and desires of all parties.