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Activities/Member Benefits

A voluntary membership organization is similar in many ways to a retail store. It depends on repeat business (i.e. membership renewals) for continued existence and creating new "customers" (i.e. new members) for growth. Its effectiveness in achieving this depends on the quality of its products and services.

An association's products are the benefits it offers members. Quality is a function of how valuable those benefits are to members and how effectively they are delivered. One of the most important functions of an organization's management staff is to help elected leaders develop an excellent package of membership benefits and then to deliver these benefits to members in an efficient manner.

AMC and its people have extensive experience in developing and delivering member benefits, including such services as:

  • Magazines, professional journals and newsletters
  • Generic marketing programs
  • Marketing & recruitment literature
  • Professional opportunities referral
  • Business leads referral
  • Group insurance
  • Group purchasing
  • Association-administered employee benefit plans
  • Retirement plans, including SEPs
  • Negotiated discounts with hotels, car rental firms, publishers, equipment suppliers, shipping firms, etc.
  • Industry statistics, including business data to help members manage their operations effectively
  • Technical, business, and professional library development
  • Integrated industry inventory data base
  • Technical and professional bibliography development and maintenance
  • Professional certification and credentialing
  • Public and press relations
  • Government relations
  • External educational programs
  • Educational materials
  • Speaker bureaus

It's not enough to provide an outstanding member benefit package. The association must also market the benefits to its members on a regular basis. Without such a continuing marketing effort members tend to forget the many resources that are available through their industry organization. AMC's professionals have exceptional experience in benefit mix development and promotion.