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Association Development 

Even in "mature" voluntary membership organizations an effective organizational development program is essential.

Membership is not a static quantity. Even the strongest organizations operate in a dynamic membership market, because normal attrition insures that there will be a steady flow of persons out of and into any profession or industry. The benefits of every voluntary membership organization must be "sold" to the newcomers, and, to assure maximum retention of members, the same benefits must be "resold" to the entire membership base every year.

One of the most important management functions is assisting and advising elected leaders in their efforts to retain present members and to turn potential members into active members.

In the past AMC people have devised and implemented a number of innovative and successful organizational development programs. Such programs always start with an assessment of the specific needs of members, and an evaluation of activities, services, and benefits that address those needs. This is the "easy" part. The challenge is communicating to members and potential members the value of the benefits provided by the organization.