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Publicity/Public Relations

Public relations is the process of telling a story or communicating information of special interest or concern to a person or organization. The expertise a public relations professional brings to this process is knowing how to tell the story, knowing who to tell it to, and knowing how to reach this target audience.

Virtually any business association or professional society can benefit from a planned and continuing public relations program for several reasons:

  • It allows the organization to reach beyond its membership with educational programs and information.
  • It can help attract people to the profession or industry as a career.
  • It provides a mechanism to help the profession and its members receive recognition for accomplishments.
  • It can help build external understanding of the profession and the organization’s objectives, and produce support for activities that affect external publics.
  • It can establish the association as the authoritative source for information about the profession.
  • It can help a profession present its positions on issues.
  • It can support government relations activities.

The AMC staff is especially qualified to help associations identify and utilize opportunities to communicate with external publics. AMC managers have authored papers and made presentations on behalf of client associations in public and professional forums sponsored by international associations, government agencies, and universities.