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Communication is the single most important function of an organization. The first priority for any association and its elected leaders should be regular and effective communication with the membership.

One of our first tasks for new client organizations is to assess the communication needs of the association, evaluate current publications against those needs, and make recommendations to the board.

At AMC we have extensive experience in planning, writing, editing, and producing periodicals. The experience of our staff includes editing and managing production of a corporate magazine published in four different language editions, editing the professional journal of a 3,000 member professional association, editing and producing an English translation of a Russian language technical book in the field of metallurgy, editing and producing professional and scientific conference proceedings, and writing, editing, and producing many other award-winning magazines and newsletters for associations and businesses.

In most organizations, periodicals (printed items issued on a regular schedule) are only part of the publishing program. General literature about the industry or profession, generic marketing literature, membership and meeting promotion brochures, and many other types of publications may also be issued on a regular but nonscheduled basis. AMC people have extensive experience with publications of this type.

In 1987 AMC was one of the first association management companies to install desktop publishing capacity. We have steadily upgraded our capabilities in this important field. Recently we have added web page creation and maintenance capability.

The responsibilities of publishing do not end when the printer delivers boxed material. The final link in the publishing process is getting the printed matter into the hands of the intended audience.

AMC people have experience handling periodical mailings up to 15,000 on an in-house basis. Beyond this internal capability our location is again a significant advantage. Dayton is a center of the direct mail industry with many mailing houses in the area. We are prepared to handle the total fulfillment task on either an in-house or an external basis.