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Association Records

Maintaining complete, accurate, and timely membership records is the most vital "routine" activity of a voluntary membership organization. The AMC information system provides on-line access to the total membership data base and permits real time changes and corrections. If a member calls the office with an address change the change can be made before the call ends. Information is available to members and elected leaders in moments.

Accounting information is kept in a controlled-access section of the computer system.

With over 100 gigabytes of data storage capacity AMC's MIS network has ample capacity to handle current membership and financial records with plenty of space for future growth.

Data protection for member records and financial information is provided by tape backup, with tapes stored in lockable fireproof cabinets meeting Department of Defense security standards.

A technical information library-archive system provides dial-up access to technical information data bases. Initially the technical libraries of two associations have been installed on the system, which has the capacity to serve the information archiving and access needs of several more organizations.